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Triumph of a Soldier

I wrote this for my son finally coming back home to us.

Now that deployment is over,

and coming home is in mind,

all that is behind you,

now living is in mind.

No more sand storms to ponder,

or not knowing whats next,

soon you’ll be safe once more,

and back home Ill attest.

We have all missed you so much,

not knowing when you would be in touch.

Our hearts filled with love for you,

trying to over come this stress.

Not easy for any who has played this waiting game,

now the Navy must give you back to us and in loving arms you’ll remain.

Your wonderful smile I can see oh so well,

your voice and your hugs and

I love yous have dwelled.

I have loved you forever my so I will say,

thank God answers prayers and home now you’ll lay.

Your new bride and the family have patiently await,

you coming off that plane to safety is your fate.

Always your mom has found pride in her heart,

still it remains and never to part.

Though you come home to us changed from the things that you have seen,

I know deep inside my little boy will see the routine.

I have missed your great voice I can hear in my head,

My heart it takes over when my eyes closed there instead.

All soldiers and families have gone through this I am sure,

Not wanting to but having to wait from that last tour.

A special man or woman it takes a  soldier is made,

Protection and honor to encounter that crusade.

Pride and love are my feelings inside,

along with the missing and hopes safety Ill confide.

You will always be my baby boy to me that’s OK,

Come home soon my sweetie all this behind us will stay.


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