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The One

We all want love and to be loved, this is my interpretation of what it would be like to find the one….

When our eyes met you came to me so many times,
and in our first conversation I knew that you was mine.

But through the process you would disappear,
leaving me empty without you close to me and near.

My heart said one thing but it seemed you did another,
now please wont you stay and me please do you smother.

Creator has spoke and brought us both together,
and the storm now is over and with each other we have weathered.

You have not only entered into my mind,
but to me in my heart you are one of a kind.

I have never experienced anything like this with a man,
and you are the one that completely understands.

Without saying a word we know each others thought,
I find with you thoughts of the future and together we plot.

I know there is many things that have to come first,
and for me that’s OK cause evenly our love will be dispersed.

We have patiently waited for our time to come,
and into your arms now I yearn so just to run.

Inside my mind we are complete with our love,
never do we fly away like the feathers of a dove.

I love you my dear without even meeting,
in my heart you are forever without a great greeting.

You have forever entered into my night dreams,
as I searched the world with my heart and till now it screamed.

But now that Ive found you I will never let you go
and together forever our love it will only grow.

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1 Angela Gibson { 01.18.11 at 12:38 pm }

How intriguing this is. Reminds me of “Place In The Sun” song. Dreams come true.

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