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Love From A Distance

I long to spend time with you, I miss you more than I can say
but when we do have together time alone once more I lay.

I yearn for your lips on mine, and feel your gentle touch
Although we are not together baby I do love you oh so much.

You captured me and held me tight, for years its been this way.
Now we move on to the future and more of us will stay.

Your strong arms that close around me, and hold me oh so tight,
Make me feel so safe and warm, never let me go my dear, don’t ever give up the fight.

When I look into your dark brown eyes I melt into them, its so true,
when we are together dear its all about me and you.

That sexy, raspy, voice of yours when you call me on the phone,
lets me know you love me too and that I am not alone.

I dream of our future together and wish it was today,
I never want to let you go nor let you slip away.

I am always here when you need me babe,
remember this is true,
forever my heart is yours,  forever we both just knew.

I have loved you since the first day our eyes did meet,
and have continued on this way without defeat.

No matter what will happen next please listen to your heart,
and always know I love you dear and for us to never part.

January 12, 2011   1 Comment

My Voice Sent From Heaven

As I lay here feeling dark and so cold,
I stare into the black with no one to hold.

I really dont understand how I got to this place,
life just all mixed up in my own little space.

I feel desperation and know not what to do,
when all of sudden my phone rings and its you!

My voice sent from heaven,
that’s what you mean to me,
it takes me to places that without you I could not be.

I feel all warm and cozy inside,
as you talk sweet nothings into my ear.

My angels voice sent from heaven,
to me that is completely clear.

Your comforting words is all that I hear,
No matter my mood you take away all my fear.

My mind wanders off as I listen never hearing a word,
only to your raspy angelic voice like an angel Ive heard.

Your the only one on earth that has this power over me,
just the sound of your voice to me brings such glee.

I feel a warmth deep down inside my chest,
its not like the the others but it feels perfect and I feel blessed.

No matter the day and what with it its brought,
just the sound of your voice makes me happy and sought.

We have been in each others lives for a very long time,
we have had good times and bad times but always remained fine.

As I listen intently I feel a bit weak in the knees,
your voice over powers me as I drift off with such ease.

I know in my heart no matter what the future has in store,
I will forever hold your voice from heaven Iam sure.

I thank God you have found me and bring these feelings for me,
your my voice sent from heaven and that’s all I can see.

December 14, 2010   1 Comment

Stomping Joe

Every morning when I awake,
I know whats in store, I know whats my fate.

I do my chores trying to be so cool,
lunches packed, kids off to school.

After that its time to go,
I know whats in store what my future holds.

As I approach I quietly tip toe towards the door
My tummy churns I know whats in store.

When I enter, there he sits for now at least
Stomping Joe oh what a beast.

He glares at me with demon eyes,
but that’s what I expected, no its no surprise.

I slowly creep past sending him a smile,
but with no reply I head straight to the files.

As I do my job and try to maintain
whats that I hear I try hard to refrain.

I peek out the door and there he goes,
stomping Joe in his normal pose.

He stomps from left and then to right,
and with each movement he looks at me with such a fight.

There he stomps right out the door,
with wipers in hand to place on that new ford.

In he comes again without any haste,
the stomping is louder with each foot placed.

I try so hard to ignore his sound
as he crossing the floor again with such a bound.

Every day
this is something I endure,
Stomping Joe crossing the floor.

I cant explain what made him this way,
or why on earth this way he plays.

I know inside its been along time,
and soon I wish this craziness would just decline.

Stomping Joe I love you dear,
please stop this crap and come over here.

See me now in front of you
I smile, I talk but you don’t seem to have a clue.

24 years has passed us both by,
and 24 more is in the apple of my eye.

How much longer will Joe not see,
what all this stomping has done to me.

November 16, 2010   No Comments

Fly With the Angels

As that morning approached for us all in mid-June,
My heart it was aching as I knew it would be soon.
The calls were all made in hopes they would all make it,
Before you left us to fly with the Angels and be taken.
The room it was filled with so much love all around,
Only one missing and he couldn’t be found.
The minister arrived with all the prayers needed,
We all formed a circle around you as we all pleaded.
As we all reached Amen, and you took your last breath,
And flew away with the Angels to that I can attest.
Your laboring breath and your suffering had passed
as quietly and peaceful you lay there at last.
Its been over two years since that mid day in June,
but it is you that I miss , you were taken too soon.
I know in my heart you are up there right now,
keeping an eye on us all while slowly you bow.
So until that day that we meet once again,
Keep an eye on us all as I pray without sin.
Ill love you forever, and promise never to forget,
the lessons you taught me, I am forever in your debt.
My mothers love is like no other,
all I wish was one day more for us to cover.
With your sweet arms around me, that precious smile on your face,
for me and us all can never ever be replaced.
So go now dear mother and no turning back,
As I look to the clouds you are all that I lack.
Fly with the Angels and keep on the right track.
The ones left behind will never stop missing you,
but your smell when your near me, keeps me without a clue.
I know in my heart you are in a good place,
With beside you I just know that’s the case.
So fly now my Mother with wings spread so wide,
Ill love you forever I say with a sigh…..
No matter how much time passes us all by,
I will always love you and never ever stop missing you Mom as I ask why!

September 21, 2009   No Comments