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Manuka Honey

Honey is a natural and today is being used  to heal wounds among other things.There has been many concerns in the science world about super bugs and drug resistance so now honey is making a come back.

Over 4,000 years ago honey was used for the same purposes by the Egyptians. In fact they knew that honey fought infection. It was written on an Egyptian scroll known as the Edwin Smith Papyrus. When first entering many pyramids honey pots have been discovered and still good. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated so doesn’t spoil. Some how they knew that honey’s ingredients would help heal wounds and also many other problems.

Honey naturally contains hydrogen peroxide and will help sterilize cuts. It also is very beneficial in treating burns. For some reason if used on a burn there is no scar once healed. In fact its healing properties are incredible.

There are a couple different types of this honey Leptospermum and Manuka. Both are known to kill germs and guard against infection.

Manuka can be taken internally for many ailments or applied as a dressing for wound care. A company in New Jersey is making tubes of this for hospitals around the country and they named this Medihoney. This honey is very special and is made by bees that collect nectar from the manuka jelly bushes.

UMF is the degree of medicinal components in the honey. To be used in medicine it must have a UMF of at least 10 and a superior UMF being 16 or above.

Natures miracle is finally being used to help many ailments that range from skin problems to ulcers. Bacterial problems also benefit from taking this internally or rubbing it on your skin. It is now in many skin care products.
The other good thing about using honey internally or externally is that there are no known side affects unless of course you have to honey. Scientists have also discovered that using this natural wonder our bodies do not develop a Resistance to it.

New Zealand is where 75 percent of this special honey is produced and the rights for the Americas is held by Derma Sciences.

If you would like to try some of this wonderful elixir you can get it at some health food stores or order it on line. There seems to be a tremendous demand for this natural sweetness. Growing more popular with each passing day.

Scientists are doing extensive studies on honey and making new discoveries all the time. With more and more doctors allowing the use of herbal remedies in medicine I am sure that the new found benefits from honey will do nothing but soar.

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