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Love From A Distance

I long to spend time with you, I miss you more than I can say
but when we do have together time alone once more I lay.

I yearn for your lips on mine, and feel your gentle touch
Although we are not together baby I do love you oh so much.

You captured me and held me tight, for years its been this way.
Now we move on to the future and more of us will stay.

Your strong arms that close around me, and hold me oh so tight,
Make me feel so safe and warm, never let me go my dear, don’t ever give up the fight.

When I look into your dark brown eyes I melt into them, its so true,
when we are together dear its all about me and you.

That sexy, raspy, voice of yours when you call me on the phone,
lets me know you love me too and that I am not alone.

I dream of our future together and wish it was today,
I never want to let you go nor let you slip away.

I am always here when you need me babe,
remember this is true,
forever my heart is yours,  forever we both just knew.

I have loved you since the first day our eyes did meet,
and have continued on this way without defeat.

No matter what will happen next please listen to your heart,
and always know I love you dear and for us to never part.

January 12, 2011   1 Comment

Magic Snow

It is the time of the year when everything is possible. From financial woes to finding that special person
to share your life with. Not only the little ones have hopes and dreams but we adults also have that
yearning inside for life be get better and easier.
Well, its almost Christmas and with it comes the first fallen snow. This is not just snow, its magic snow.
While it falls softly to the ground and touches your faces with its coolness, make a wish….don’t wish
small, but wish big. This is the only time of year the magic is in the ice crystals come from heaven.

With those special shapes that softly fall,
comes the magic not found at any shopping mall.

Hopes and dreams with it does comes
magic dreams and wishes drum.

The coolness as it touches your face,
as a smile crosses you with such grace.

Only once a year does this magic reign,
from the Christmas snow washing away your pain.

Make a wish as you walk along,
nothing too big or to small is wrong.

Hopes and dreams that comes from your heart,
makes this magic to all must start.

Happy holidays I say to all,
magic snow to you will fall.

December 21, 2010   2 Comments

Fly With the Angels

As that morning approached for us all in mid-June,
My heart it was aching as I knew it would be soon.
The calls were all made in hopes they would all make it,
Before you left us to fly with the Angels and be taken.
The room it was filled with so much love all around,
Only one missing and he couldn’t be found.
The minister arrived with all the prayers needed,
We all formed a circle around you as we all pleaded.
As we all reached Amen, and you took your last breath,
And flew away with the Angels to that I can attest.
Your laboring breath and your suffering had passed
as quietly and peaceful you lay there at last.
Its been over two years since that mid day in June,
but it is you that I miss , you were taken too soon.
I know in my heart you are up there right now,
keeping an eye on us all while slowly you bow.
So until that day that we meet once again,
Keep an eye on us all as I pray without sin.
Ill love you forever, and promise never to forget,
the lessons you taught me, I am forever in your debt.
My mothers love is like no other,
all I wish was one day more for us to cover.
With your sweet arms around me, that precious smile on your face,
for me and us all can never ever be replaced.
So go now dear mother and no turning back,
As I look to the clouds you are all that I lack.
Fly with the Angels and keep on the right track.
The ones left behind will never stop missing you,
but your smell when your near me, keeps me without a clue.
I know in my heart you are in a good place,
With beside you I just know that’s the case.
So fly now my Mother with wings spread so wide,
Ill love you forever I say with a sigh…..
No matter how much time passes us all by,
I will always love you and never ever stop missing you Mom as I ask why!

September 21, 2009   No Comments