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Love From A Distance

I long to spend time with you, I miss you more than I can say
but when we do have together time alone once more I lay.

I yearn for your lips on mine, and feel your gentle touch
Although we are not together baby I do love you oh so much.

You captured me and held me tight, for years its been this way.
Now we move on to the future and more of us will stay.

Your strong arms that close around me, and hold me oh so tight,
Make me feel so safe and warm, never let me go my dear, don’t ever give up the fight.

When I look into your dark brown eyes I melt into them, its so true,
when we are together dear its all about me and you.

That sexy, raspy, voice of yours when you call me on the phone,
lets me know you love me too and that I am not alone.

I dream of our future together and wish it was today,
I never want to let you go nor let you slip away.

I am always here when you need me babe,
remember this is true,
forever my heart is yours,  forever we both just knew.

I have loved you since the first day our eyes did meet,
and have continued on this way without defeat.

No matter what will happen next please listen to your heart,
and always know I love you dear and for us to never part.

January 12, 2011   1 Comment

Being Thankful

Being thankful for all I have comes in my heart and mind all of the time, but sometimes something
happened that makes me even more thankful than usual. Today was one of those times.

On my way home from work today I had to stop by one of the local stores to return a Christmas
gift I bought last week. Usually I take the highway as it is the easiest way to get from point A to
point B but today for some reason I went down the main street.

Upon my approach to the store I saw a young man in the median strip but his back was to me.
I figured I would find out what he was doing there on my way out of the store. I made my way into
the shop and returned my item and decided maybe this young man was homeless or something so
I checked my wallet to make sure I had some cash ready if needed.

I made my way to the red light ahead and there stood a young man in his 20’s holding a sign that
said Homeless Will Work. I rolled down my window and handed him a folded 20 bill. I asked him
how long he had been homeless and he said 11 months. He told me his name was Brandon and he
asked me to pray for him. I told him I would and asked him if he had been to the homeless shelter
he said he had but all the beds were full. I told him to keep going back every day because sometimes
it takes time for a bed to open up.

As I closed my window my first thought was how warm my van was and what it must be like to not
have a van or a home to go to. Being cold and alone in the world with no place to go. I found myself
all my 20 minute commute feeling thankful for all that I have and how much I wish I could do more
for all of the people out there with no family, friends, job, or warm bed to rest their heads at night.

December 14, 2010   No Comments