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The Ionic Foot bath

My older sister I call the Witch Doctor. She really isn’t, but she does know a whole lot about herbal medicine and also about alternative medicine. She has done a lot of studies on both subjects since my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer along time ago.

A few months ago she decided to buy an ionic foot machine. This is detox therapy that uses your feet to pull the impurities from your body. Using a positive/negative ionic charge the impurities we have all been exposed to turns into molecules and thus are released through the soles of your feet. The color of the water tells the tale of what your health issues can or could be.

This miracle worker not only detoxifies your system but re balances your PH levels. Helping to stimulate and balance your immune system. The Ionic foot bath also seems to deactivate infections, viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungus. Apparently you get the same benefits from walking on beach sand which also takes impurities from your body. Maybe that is why you feel so good when you are at the beach.
I know, I know this seems to good to be true but while I was away last week my sister introduced me to the ionic foot bath.

She arrived with a machine that looks something like a fax machine with cables and wires and wristbands attached. First she filled a tub with hot water and added a couple small spoons of Himalayan salt crystals. Then she added a small oval shaped thing that attached to the main machine. Next she put my feet inside the tub attached a wrist band and turned on the foot bath. She also had a small lamp outside the tub so we could watch the show.

I would say that it was not even a minute before the water in the tub began to turn an orange color. This she told me was urinary issues and that the machine seems to go where it is needed the most first. I was amazed at the color change in my half hour session. It went from green to brown to orange with some really large black chunks which she told me were remnants of heavy metals. Now this I could believe because I spent 14 years of my life working in a metal factory.

The water smelled and looked horrible and as the minutes passed many color changes took place. I felt no uncomfortable at all and in fact I enjoyed it very much. After my session was over she gave me a foot massage and sealed the deal with pure coconut oil.

I am not a sceptic in fact many things I have learned from her has benefited not only me but the entire family. My sister also gave my son and his wife a foot bath and the water differences were incredible. Each of us having different issues. She also had us spit on a PH stick before the bath and after and the PH levels which were high came down drastically.
I not only believe this ionic foot bath works but that because science has a closed mind in many subjects it is dismissed are crazy garbage.

The treatments should be done three times a week and it may take some time to clean your entire system but it is worth every bit of it.

The machines are expensive and you should know what you are doing before you delve into this technology but there are more and more of the machines springing up in spas around the country. Don’t listen to the skeptics try it out for yourself and you will be amazed.

November 9, 2010   1 Comment