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Medical Miracles

A few years ago a guy cut off the tip of his finger down to the first knuckle in a propeller. His brother
who worked in a lab doing experiments sent him some white powder and told him to sprinkle it on
the lost finger tip every couple of days. To the amazement of the man who cut his finger off and his
brother four weeks later like a miracle or something out of a science fiction comic book the lost
finger grew back. No scars were visible and the finger looked and worked as it had before the

Science is on the cutting edge of medical miracles all the time but in the 21 century it seems we are
really making head way into the future. The miracle white powder contained part of a pigs bladder
among other interesting additives which were being tested and the brother thought maybe he could
help his four fingered brother.

The Army since then has been doing some testing on soldiers who have lost fingers and limbs from
war. How the study is progressing is being kept hush, hush, but if we can grow back fingers I am
sure the government has its own experimental testing going on with much bigger organs.
The extent of these tests are being kept very secret and under lock and key for the moment at least.

There is a lab that scientists are calling the body factory that are actually growing body parts in it as
I type this article. A scaffolding is built in the right shape of the part needed then tissue is added to
the mixture and in a few weeks or months when the scaffolding dissolves the organ is ready for
transplant. Human body parts made from human tissue.

They are also experimenting on transplanting these home grown organs into the humans they were
grown for. There are many good reasons for this, one being that if this is possible then maybe there
will be no need for rejection drugs because these organs are made from the patients own tissue.
The need for organ donation will also not be as highly needed as it is now, especially if there is some
time before the patient needs a new organ. Of course if there is no time to wait then an organ
donor will be necessary.

Scientists have very high hopes that one day on the horizon not only organs can be grown in a lab
but also nerves and tendons lost in such cases as spinal cord injuries and paralysis.
At this point and doing my own research on where these studies are headed I do believe that in a
few years it will be a normal thing to grow your own body parts needed when your other ones
become lost by injury or diseased.

What we thought about as children and science fiction stories is now becoming a reality for the
world and each one of us. The modern world is becoming more and more of a reality in the field of
medicine and beyond.

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Spices For Life

The world is filled with many different spices, some hot, some cool, and some refreshing when eaten.
Through studies done some of these spices can actually make your body rev up and get your
metabolism running in high gear making it easier for you to burn fat thus loss weight.

Pepper for instance from Cayenne to black pepper can boost your metabolism for up to three hours
at a 50 % rise because it makes your heart beat faster and heats your body from the inside out.
Capsaicin which is found in hot peppers is also an appetite suppressant. Eating this spice a few
times a week can help you achieve more burn from the foods you add it to. Studies show that if you
are not a true fan of this very spice then you can also take the Cayenne capsules and achieve the
same benefits.

Cinnamon can also have a good affect on boosting your metabolic system but beware not to eat too
much of this one because it has something called coumarin that can cause liver damage. It is
recommended to not eat more than a teaspoon a day to avoid this from happening. Cinnamon can
help boost your weight loss because it lowers sugars and helps you process carbohydrates better.
This spice is also known to help in pre-diabetic conditions, so have a little but don’t over due it.

Mustard seed is also another great way to get the boost and help you burn more calories just by
consuming it. It has a thermo affect that can last for hours after the meal is over.

Ginger is the spice for all things good, eating ginger can be used as a diuretic, it also is good for the
digestive system, and lowers your cholesterol due to the fact it wont let you absorb as much as if
you had not have eaten it.

All of these spices can help you get the boost you are looking for and has so many medical benefits
that it is well worth eating them. I would recommend if you are not used to eating spicy foods to
begin slowly and work your way up. As you add more and more of any of these wonderful spices
you will reap the benefits with a higher metabolism and helping with your digestion. All of these
elements will make for a healthier and better quality of living well.

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Life of a Soldier After Duty

Many of my family and friends have been and still are soldiers. My dad was the first soldier I ever met, although when I was small I didn’t really understand what he had done for me and his country. When I got older I realized this man called dad served in Normandy many years ago and some of the sights he saw while there gave me a bit more insight on why this man seemed as cold as he did while I was growing up. Of course back then not much was known about Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, if anything. The men and woman who fought way back then just fought and was expected to just go on with life when their duties were over.

A couple years ago my youngest son joined the Navy and became a Sea Bee and did six months in Kuwait. Although he did not see any action he left home a boy and grew into a man while he was gone. The things he had to do and saw many of us will never have to witness, thank God. Most of us a also have a hard time relating to it at all because we never went through it.

A few years ago I met a guy who I became very close to and who was and always will be a Marine. At the time he had already served two tours in Iraq and this was in the beginning when all hell broke loose and lots of people were dyeing. At the time a baby in years of only 23 but in mind and soul much older. He has seen things that no one should have to witness and done things most of us will never have to worry about. As a marine he was a sniper and unlike most soldiers who do not have to see the eyes of those they have to kill, this marine saw their eyes. He knew who was going to die at his hand and had to somehow live with that. This is what he had been trained to do and he took great pride in knowing he was protecting Americans.

The Marines changed him forever like many of our men and woman who serve in the United States Armed forces. My Marine went back to Iraq for tour number three and when he returned was not the same man who left months before. He was quiet and reserved unlike the guy I had met a few years earlier who always held a smile on his face and loved life completely. His eyes had became sad and I found myself wondering what had really happened to him this last time, but just didn’t know how to ask.

I can remember a day some time ago when my phone rang and his voice echoed on the other end asking me if I could meet him to talk. I was hesitant as we had not seen each other in a long time, but with his persistence I agreed.

I met him at a gas station and he hopped into my car and just didn’t look or act like himself. We talked about many things and was only together for a couple of hours. Most of our conversations were just small talk and catching up on each others lives. It had been so long since we had seen each other it was just two friends hanging out.

When I left him that day I found myself going over our time together and feeling like he just was not the same person I had met a few years earlier.Although he tries hard to be upbeat with me, his sadness somehow shown through. I was worried about him, but didn’t know what to do and I just let it go. Him and I had moved on in our lives and I finally told myself he just wanted to catch up.

We spoke some time later and he told me that the day we met he had his rifle in the trunk and was intending on driving some place and ending his life. When he told me of his plans  I knew something was seriously wrong. I told him he needed to get some help, because how he was feeling was not normal.

I had helped him change his decision because I had taken time out of my day to see him. I knew even though we were not together we cared about one another and that’s apparently why he called me, but then my thoughts drifted to what if. What if even through his persistence I had of said no instead of yes. Would he still be here today or would I have gotten the horrible news after the fact.

He took my advice and got some help and found out he has a condition called post traumatic stress Disorder or PTSD. This condition not only affects the person who has it but also those around  them who love and care for them. They deal with the frustration of how to get them through those rough patches and help them understand that it is OK and not their fault.

Our government sends our children, husbands, mothers and  wives to a foreign land and teaches them how to become good soldiers, but when they return to us they are not the same, do they step in and help? Not without a lot more blood, sweat and tears. They are not so forth giving for compensation for those who fought for ALL of our freedom. The government seems to quickly forget the sacrifices all of them have made. Why I ask is it this way, I may never get the answers I search for, but for those men and woman who suffer from this they need help!

Bad dreams                                                                        Suicidal thoughts

Being afraid                                                                        Untrusting

Reliving past experiences                                            Depression

Becoming very quiet and wont talk                          Being alone and not connecting

Have a hard time holding down a job                      Headaches

Feeling numb                                                                    Stomach problems

Anxiety                                                                              Chest pains

Flashbacks                                                                         Anger

Now, this list is not all of the symptoms and just scratches the surface of what these people go through on a daily basis.

Those who suffer from this condition when they have symptoms they can last from a few hours to a few weeks. Triggers for symptoms can range from coming from no where to a noise, a sight, words, or a smell. Each person is different and finding the triggers is sometimes one of the hardest things to do.

What really happens when triggered is the person relives that traumatic event or events in their lives from the past. They go back to that period in time and once more have the same feelings they had back then. These things haunt them and sometimes many do not have a clue what the triggers are.

Getting help from a psychiatrist is key to help the person in need through this. They can teach the one in need how to recognize the triggers and how to manage them once the event has been triggered. They can also subscribe medication when needed. With lots of work your loved one can come back to you slowly and learn how to live with this horrible condition.

Getting help is very important for anyone who suffers from this condition. If you are a Veteran you can contact the VA at 1-877-222-VETS.

For family and friends of loved ones who suffer from this there are many programs out there to help you too. If you have someone close to you that suffers from P.T.S.D. encourage them to get help, it is direly important to their survival and yours.

This is one of those conditions that sometimes gets put on the back burner and hidden away. I wrote this article because it is important! Everyone needs to know about P.T.S.D. and how to help those who suffer from it. When our soldiers come home from their tour of duty then it is our duty as loved ones and friends to make a difference and get them the help they need.

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Medical Oddities

At times nature can be very cruel. Odd genetic defects and conditions can take place and many do on a daily basis. When you are carrying a child, you have high hopes this child will be born normal with two arms and legs, ten fingers and ten toes, two eyes and a nose, but in the case of Lakshmi a two year old little girl from India this is not the case. This little girl was born with four arms and four legs. Genetic defects play all the parts in this game and this little one has been thought to be a reincarnation of the Hindu Goddess Vishnu. Lakshmi recently under went the surgery necessary to make her a normal child with only two arms and two legs.

Dede Koswara has a rare genetic defect known as Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis that makes it impossible for his body to fight off various strains of HPV.  Dede has become an Internet sensation along with television documentaries made about his condition and treatments that have been tried to help with his defect. He has been described as half man and half tree. Till date doctors have not found a cure for his condition.

Polydactyly is a condition in which extra digits are present on hands or feet. In most cases the extra digit is unusable and removed at an early age. This condition is rare in humans, but very common in cats, and is not at all unusual for them to be born with three or more extra digits on each paw.

Jesus Aceves is only one member of his family to have a rare condition known as hypertrichosis. This condition causes hair to grow very thick and all over the face. Jesus attempted to shave his face and get a regular job, but he learned very fast that it would be much easier for him to become one of the acts in the sideshow. Several members of his  family have the same condition.

There are so many different examples of the cruelty of nature sometimes and this was just a few, but with medicine and the people who study it many of these conditions can be fixed or made easier to live with.

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The Ionic Foot bath

My older sister I call the Witch Doctor. She really isn’t, but she does know a whole lot about herbal medicine and also about alternative medicine. She has done a lot of studies on both subjects since my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer along time ago.

A few months ago she decided to buy an ionic foot machine. This is detox therapy that uses your feet to pull the impurities from your body. Using a positive/negative ionic charge the impurities we have all been exposed to turns into molecules and thus are released through the soles of your feet. The color of the water tells the tale of what your health issues can or could be.

This miracle worker not only detoxifies your system but re balances your PH levels. Helping to stimulate and balance your immune system. The Ionic foot bath also seems to deactivate infections, viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungus. Apparently you get the same benefits from walking on beach sand which also takes impurities from your body. Maybe that is why you feel so good when you are at the beach.
I know, I know this seems to good to be true but while I was away last week my sister introduced me to the ionic foot bath.

She arrived with a machine that looks something like a fax machine with cables and wires and wristbands attached. First she filled a tub with hot water and added a couple small spoons of Himalayan salt crystals. Then she added a small oval shaped thing that attached to the main machine. Next she put my feet inside the tub attached a wrist band and turned on the foot bath. She also had a small lamp outside the tub so we could watch the show.

I would say that it was not even a minute before the water in the tub began to turn an orange color. This she told me was urinary issues and that the machine seems to go where it is needed the most first. I was amazed at the color change in my half hour session. It went from green to brown to orange with some really large black chunks which she told me were remnants of heavy metals. Now this I could believe because I spent 14 years of my life working in a metal factory.

The water smelled and looked horrible and as the minutes passed many color changes took place. I felt no uncomfortable at all and in fact I enjoyed it very much. After my session was over she gave me a foot massage and sealed the deal with pure coconut oil.

I am not a sceptic in fact many things I have learned from her has benefited not only me but the entire family. My sister also gave my son and his wife a foot bath and the water differences were incredible. Each of us having different issues. She also had us spit on a PH stick before the bath and after and the PH levels which were high came down drastically.
I not only believe this ionic foot bath works but that because science has a closed mind in many subjects it is dismissed are crazy garbage.

The treatments should be done three times a week and it may take some time to clean your entire system but it is worth every bit of it.

The machines are expensive and you should know what you are doing before you delve into this technology but there are more and more of the machines springing up in spas around the country. Don’t listen to the skeptics try it out for yourself and you will be amazed.

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