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Staying Safe on the Roads

Most accidents are caused by bad driving,  inattention, not yielding when you are supposed to, speeding, and passing when you are not supposed to. This and more add up to driving stupidly!

Falling asleep at the wheel is another major cause of accidents. If you are feeling sleepy, then pull over take a nap and continue on your way. Is your life or someone else’s life worth continuing on your way, hoping you will make your destination? That extra few minutes may save your life or someone else’s on the same road. Over 100,000 accidents are reported each year for falling asleep while driving…is it worth it?

Drinking or drugging while behind the wheel is another reason for many accidents. Most accidents that happen while under the influence of something usually ends in someone innocent getting hurt or killed. If you are going out drinking make sure before you go you either have a designated driver, call a cab, or walk home. Under no circumstances should you get behind the wheel of a car. Drugging before driving is also stupid! If by chance you do make it to where you are going, without an accident, losing your license for DUI is not a fun thing to go through either. Its expensive, insurance rates sky rocket and it is on your record forever. Be smart and just don’t do it! In 2008 there were over 2.9 millions accidents caused by drinking/drugging while driving. Don’t do it!

Today, with technology everywhere, cell phones are in everyone’s pockets. Cell phones are another cause of accidents  from people texting while trying to pay attention to driving. Many states have or are in the process of passing a law against this. A good rule of thumb is wait till you stop your car before you send the next text message. Your life is worth so much more than what that little text box holds. Over half a million people in 2008 were either killed or injured while texting and driving. Pull over if you just can’t resist sending your next text message, don’t be a statistic.

Animals crossing the road in front of you is also a cause. Whether it be a squirrel or a moose you must pay close attention to what’s going on beside the road and directly in front of you. If you are speeding down a dark road and a 1000 pound moose stumbles out in front of you, you may as well kiss your butt goodbye. These guys are big and when they fall usually they land on the hood of the car crashing through the windshield coming right into your lap. Now a squirrel crossing your path, most people swerve and try to avoid hitting them, but the truth is when doing so you usually go into another lane which sometimes has traffic coming towards you causing a head on collusion. Over 500,000 accidents per year are results of animal related accidents for deer alone. Scan the roads in front and to the sides and don’t speed. Maybe this will save you from being involved in the next animal related accident.

Weather is another reason for accidents. Ice on the roadway and going too fast for the conditions sometimes ends badly with you either going off the road or hitting someone else in the process. If it’s really bad outside, stay home, wait until the roads have been cleared. In most cases schools, and some businesses close in bad weather conditions. So heading off to work is not always the best or safest thing to do.

There are many other factors in road accidents and we have just touched the surface, but if you pay attention while driving, and drive defensively then chances are you will be OK on the roadways. Driving defensively keeps you aware of what is going on around you. It’s not just you that you have to be thinking about while driving but every other car on the road. You have to try and figure out what they are going to do and be ready for that situation.

Pay attention and stay smart and it just may save your life! Wear your seat belt no matter if it’s the law or not in the state which you live. If you do get into an accident without it on, you will get hurt worse or even be killed. If you have it on then, chances are, you will survive the crash.

So many things need to be thought about and taken to heart before you get in your car and drive. Age is another issue with driving. Young drivers are less experienced than the average driver and with less experience comes stupid mistakes. The elderly has really become an issue with driving recently.

So before your next drive to the store or the beach or just to work, keep in mind all of these things. Life has enough issues daily and driving sometimes takes a back seat to our other issues but it needs to be kept on the front of your thoughts because we all do it so often.

The best thing to do is wear your seat belt, drive defensively, follow the rules of the road, and think about the other guy beside you. Stay safe and stay alive!

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States With the Worst Drivers

If you are wondering which states produce the worst drivers well, on top of the list is New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, and California. In a survey recently done these are the top four in the country.

The survey done by GMC Insurance told the story of these states not knowing the rules of the road very well. They don’t quite understand why, but they did state people need to know what the rules are and remember them after getting their license. Staying educated is key to being a safe driver.

GMC surveyed over 5000 drivers across the country giving them a series of test questions off the drivers test and most did not know what it meant when there is a solid yellow line on the center line. They also had no clue what to use for headlights while driving in the fog, their high or low beams.
If we was to go by these statistics across the country then this would mean over 41 million drivers on our roadways today could not pass a written driving test. Overall the north east came in last on the list with an average testing score of 74.5 percent and the passing score is a 70 %.
The key is knowing the rules of the road, and drive defensively. The question on the test across the US missed every year is whats a safe distance to follow a car. From teens till the age of 35 score the lowest and then after 35 the scores go back up. GMC chalks this up to age and experience.

Here is the top ten states with the worst drivers:

1. New York

2. New Jersey

3. Hawaii

4. California

5. Georgia

6. Rhode Island

7. Massachusetts

8. Washington D.C.

9. Florida

10. Connecticut

The state with the best drivers is: Idaho

At any rate no matter which state you live in it is best to make sure you know the rules of the road and drive defensively it just may not only give you a higher score on a test but it may just save your life!

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