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Spices For Life

The world is filled with many different spices, some hot, some cool, and some refreshing when eaten.
Through studies done some of these spices can actually make your body rev up and get your
metabolism running in high gear making it easier for you to burn fat thus loss weight.

Pepper for instance from Cayenne to black pepper can boost your metabolism for up to three hours
at a 50 % rise because it makes your heart beat faster and heats your body from the inside out.
Capsaicin which is found in hot peppers is also an appetite suppressant. Eating this spice a few
times a week can help you achieve more burn from the foods you add it to. Studies show that if you
are not a true fan of this very spice then you can also take the Cayenne capsules and achieve the
same benefits.

Cinnamon can also have a good affect on boosting your metabolic system but beware not to eat too
much of this one because it has something called coumarin that can cause liver damage. It is
recommended to not eat more than a teaspoon a day to avoid this from happening. Cinnamon can
help boost your weight loss because it lowers sugars and helps you process carbohydrates better.
This spice is also known to help in pre-diabetic conditions, so have a little but don’t over due it.

Mustard seed is also another great way to get the boost and help you burn more calories just by
consuming it. It has a thermo affect that can last for hours after the meal is over.

Ginger is the spice for all things good, eating ginger can be used as a diuretic, it also is good for the
digestive system, and lowers your cholesterol due to the fact it wont let you absorb as much as if
you had not have eaten it.

All of these spices can help you get the boost you are looking for and has so many medical benefits
that it is well worth eating them. I would recommend if you are not used to eating spicy foods to
begin slowly and work your way up. As you add more and more of any of these wonderful spices
you will reap the benefits with a higher metabolism and helping with your digestion. All of these
elements will make for a healthier and better quality of living well.

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