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Magic Snow

It is the time of the year when everything is possible. From financial woes to finding that special person
to share your life with. Not only the little ones have hopes and dreams but we adults also have that
yearning inside for life be get better and easier.
Well, its almost Christmas and with it comes the first fallen snow. This is not just snow, its magic snow.
While it falls softly to the ground and touches your faces with its coolness, make a wish….don’t wish
small, but wish big. This is the only time of year the magic is in the ice crystals come from heaven.

With those special shapes that softly fall,
comes the magic not found at any shopping mall.

Hopes and dreams with it does comes
magic dreams and wishes drum.

The coolness as it touches your face,
as a smile crosses you with such grace.

Only once a year does this magic reign,
from the Christmas snow washing away your pain.

Make a wish as you walk along,
nothing too big or to small is wrong.

Hopes and dreams that comes from your heart,
makes this magic to all must start.

Happy holidays I say to all,
magic snow to you will fall.


1 Lynell { 12.21.10 at 1:48 pm }

Love it mom!!!! Merry Christmas to you and all

2 lindalu { 12.21.10 at 2:27 pm }


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