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First I see the sun shine brightly and

a smile crosses on my face,

the next minute the phone rings,

and there I sit in tears with no grace.

Sorrows shared with all who care,

telling each other it is just not fair.

Wait and worry does come next,

why are we on this so called quest.

Happiness and pain from one second to another,

all I want to do is take that blanket and cover.

Shut out the world and regroup is my needs,

no more listening to all of your greed.

How do I manage to keep my head held high

without the wonder of that big blue great sky.

The words you say to me cut to the bone

maybe Id be better off if I was alone.

I have given  more than I have received,

and still there you sit and I try to conceive.

Why is this life we live so dam hard,

isn’t there easier times in those cards?

God gave us life to make what we can,

but learning is special no matter the man.


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