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CES 2011

Every year thousands of folks from around the world come together in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics
show. This year 2700 exhibits took the 1.6 million square foot center which is much larger then shows in recent years.

CES Las Vegas in 2011 was filled with all sorts of gadgets with a few new combers gracing the electronic floor.
The top contender was the new 4 G smart phone made by Motorola called Atrix. This phone has a duel core and the
difference between this one and all the rest is that it works just like a laptop computer when plugged into a dock.
This new gadget got a lot of buzz and once reviewed everyone seemed to go back for another look. This is a hybrid
phone and one of its kind at the show this year.

Xbox had its own star at the CES show with its new Kinect, this software is the latest in the gaming world and will
make gaming as we know it a thing of the past. With this device there are no controls and can be mainstreamed. Said
by some to be an elegant interface and non apple product. One of the best seen in years.

Verizon also took the spotlight with its new 4 G LTE network. Giving us a first hand view of the new LTE phones. Although nothing was said of their introduction the iphone but the new Droid Bionic was on the frontlines. Verizon had its largest presence at CES then it has had in years.

The Sony HDR-TD10 Full HD 3D Camcorder was also a hit with its launch in April. This is the first 3D camcorder capable
of capturing 3D video. This device has two lenses and two sensors which makes this possible.

MakerBot 3D Printer was called a winner at the show. This printer does what it says and prints in 3 D without costing
you the consumer a small fortune. People were amazed at what this printer produced.

Samsung 9 Series Laptop wowed the crowd and seems that it is going to give the Apple Air a run for its money.
It is as light as an Air but has more to offer with better resolution and more memory which surpass that of the Air.

Samsungs new 3D TV made one of the tops too with its 8000 series. Intergrading Skype into the mix and supporting 3D
video with full HD resolution for 3D content. This is sure to be a huge hit in 2011.

RCA Airpower Portable Mobile Device Charger made the list also with this state of the art mobile charger. Using artificial light or the sun to power your cell phone.

Cyberdyne’s Challenge HAL Hybrid Assistive Limb was an incredible invention for those members of the elderly or for
those are disabled. This exoskeleton makes it possible to regain mobility. It responds to the nerve signals made in
the brain so all you have to do to move this mechanical giant is to think about it and its done. The brain sends signals
to the muscles in the legs and the sensors on the suit detect them and volia the legs move. This techno gadget will
be a huge success for those who have had mobility issues. The medical field has come alone way and now we are moving into the futuristic catagory with robotic suits to help us move.

Many other fascinating gadgets graced the floor at the 2011 CES show, but these are the ones that made the top of the
list this year. Why knows what 2012 will bring us, but until next year I guess we will just have to wait.


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