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Awareness of Suicide

Life is filled with ups and downs for us all, some more than others but none the less we all have our share.
Last year my oldest son tried to commit suicide. He is in prison and has had some mental problems since he was a teen.

One day he decided life just was not worth living and slashed both of his wrists up both arms not across. He then proceeded to tie his sheet around his neck and tied that to an upper bar on the window and collapsed, he was fortunately found by the guards and his life was saved.

After that incident I found myself wondering if there was anything more I could have done to make his life better that what it has turned out to be, but since realized that he has issues that was and is beyond my control. They diagnosed his after that with Bi-Polar and have put him on medication to help his manic ups and downs. He is doing much better now and hopefully it stays that way.

I am sharing my story with you because suicide is a major problem in this country and around the world. Every minute of each day someone tries to take their own life. The reasons vary from person to person but the impact of the attempt lives on for a life time.

A few weeks ago I went to Mississippi to visit my other son, the one that is in the Navy. Now this visit was different, it was not a social one but one to show support an compassion. The story goes like this…

In December I went through a breakup and at around the same time my youngest son also separated from his wife. It was not his choice as it was not mine but at any rate it happened to us both. We became much closer to each other and talked to each other a lot. His tears fell as we spoke of lost loves as did mine. His new bride decided the grass was greener on the other side of the fence and left him for another. I told her when she told me she was leaving him to beware of what you wish for because you may just get your wish.

Now my son was devastated, like his mother he married for life not just a year. After a few weeks she realized that life on the outside of her marriage was not all she thought it would be. She also realized she really did love my son and wanted to go home. My son decided she broke the vows they made to each other and he could not seem to get past that and kept telling her no that the marriage was not repairable and they filed for a divorce.

They both signed the papers and in the middle of May their divorce was to be final. Well, my daughter in law decided a couple weeks ago to go see my son and she if she could convince him to start over, his reply was no it is done.

After my daughter in law left my sons apartment she decided that if she could not get my son out of her mind she would make sure she would not be haunted by him and swallowed 170 sleeping pills and tried her hardest to end her life.

My son was the one who found her having seizures and completely out of it. She was on a respirator for three days and also had kidney failure for a few days, she was very close to death and if my son had not have found her they would not be trying to mend their marriage but he would have been burying her.

Yes, he took her back and with lots of therapy for them both I am sure they will come through this on top.

Sharing my life and the events of it with the world is not always a good thing, but with two family members in less than a year trying to take their lives I know this is a horrible problem and knowledge and awareness may be the key to stopping even one family from feeling the effects of this.

I went to Mississippi not only for love and support for my son, but also for my daughter in law. She asked me why I went there and I told her to support you both. She thought I hated her for leaving my boy, but the truth is I never hated her I just felt really bad that they had split up and in this situation and her feeling so helpless about the situation I wanted her to know I loved her and my son.

My son told me this was the hardest and the worst thing he had ever gone through in his 25 years on this planet. He almost lost the woman he loves because of a suicide attempt.

The good news is they will both be returning to the north east at the end of the month so we can all be closer to each other.

Save is an awareness website and can tell you the symptoms and danger signs of suicide attempts. There is also a suicide hot line to call if you need to talk to someone.

In  the past year 1.1 million adults attempted suicide in the US. If you are thinking about taking your life or know someone who is call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-TALK. In teens one in 300 attempts result in one death. Suicide in teens is the leading cause in teen deaths.

Any suicide attempt is a cry for help! Awareness is key to stopping these needless deaths. Adults or teens a life is a life and we need to know what to look for and when the warning light goes off what we can do to help.

Yellow Ribbon is another prevention website and education tool for those who want information and training on the subject.

There is so much information out there to help, but the main problem is people are not aware anything is really wrong and many just do not believe the person they love would try such a thing. Getting the information you need and the facts straight is the main way to prevent suicide from happening.

Whether you have had someone you know commit suicide or attempt it, or you do not have anyone close this has affected please become aware of the danger signs. Learn as much about this as you can, tell your friends and family about it too.

I know with the events in my own life with two attempts I want to spread the news and make as many aware of the danger signs as possible. Saving lives is the key for all of us. I thank God every day that my son and my daughter in law are still here on earth with us. Getting them the help they need to feel better about life and themselves will hopefully make them realize life is a good thing and it really is worth living!


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