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Another Birthday And Still The Missing Does Not Leave Me

Written for my dear mother for her birthday. It has been almost
seven years since her passing but with each passing moment of
each passing day my missing for her never stops!

Its almost been seven long years since you left us that Sunny June day,
and still my thoughts of you linger and the missing stayed since you went away.

I miss your gentle smile and the laughter that you always shared,
I miss those special hugs and kisses that you had to show me that you cared.

Your words of wisdom when I was feeling low and down
was always there for me without any hesitation or without a frown.

Mom you live forever in my thoughts and are also forever in my heart,
what I would not give for one more day, hour, or minute with you before you had to part.

The love you always shared with everyone went far beyond what most people do,
you loved and cared unconditionally always to more then the family held close, and when some never had a clue.

You made me and the other siblings three and within us all your blood, and your special values do flow.
I love you my dear mother and will forever, have a Happy Happy Birthday you and the angels now happiness sow.


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